Stalking Sapphire – review.

This is a review for a copy I received for a review from Netgallery. 

stalking sapphire

“Bite the heads off first,” she said. “That way they don’t suffer as much.”

It’s a great start to Mia Thompson’s debut that fits into a few genres. Stalking Sapphire is a book with a lot of bite, wrapped in a satirical pun fest with a smart talking lead and able bodied love interest running around in circles looking for each other.

At times I felt like I was reading a script for one of those humour detective shows like the Mysteries of Laura. Sapphire, our heroine with a sharp tongue and good right hook has an interesting hobby. She catches serial killers, of which there must be many in Beverley Hills as she’s caught eight in her short career so far. The police of course are interested in catching her and it all gets interesting when one of those killers set’s his sights on Sapphire. This is all accomplished while pretending to live the entitled life of the offspring of the rich and she does this with a self obsessed friend in tow.

When one of her prey pulls her closer into his web by tormented with stomach turning scenes that I won’t give away It’s when this fine book develops multiple personality disorder. Our protagonist is a nasty piece of work and these scenes add a contrast to the often delightful Sapphire and her romp through Hollywood with her endearing detective following close behind. At times I wasn’t sure this incongruous coupling of funny and torture worked, but having sat back after closing the book, it does. Mia Thompson has managed to create something with sparkle amid what can be a bile rising genre. These scenes add depth and spice to what otherwise might have been a prosaic Cagney and Lacey.

As a devoted thriller reader, Mia Thompson’s book gives some light relieve before something darker comes my way. It was a bit like a sorbet to refresh the palette.

This is a great first novel. It’s a quick read, it doesn’t struggle to unfold and the red herrings fit in beautifully. The dialogue is a little faulty in places but this is the authors first novel. There are a few unnecessary characters, AKA best friend Chrissy, but all in all, I enjoyed it very much and will read the next in the series. The Epilogue makes it possible to move right into it.

four stars