Breaking up is hard to do

In an effort to streamline and get some writing on the page, I’ve looked at parts of my day that can be devoted to fingers on keyboard in a positive way.  Looking at catalogues that come into my email is a total time waster.  I counted how many came in over just a few days and it was 27 of those little distracting pests.  I’m not sure how I collected so many but they seem to find me in this wintery corner of the world.  They worm their way and set comfy in my inbox and before I know it, I’m overrun.


It’s amazingly hard to unsubscribe. Have you noticed that?  The unsubscribe link is always hidden away in – 4 font down the bottom of the email. Sometimes it’s so stealthy it doesn’t say unsubscribe. It requires a magnifying glass and a safari suit to find the secret passageway to unsubscribe land.  Livingstone and sherpers couldn’t find some of them. When finally it is trapped and the link is clicked it took me to a site where a sad little message will greeted me.

Really! You’re leaving me?  Why? I’ve been so good to you. I’ve given you hours of browsing pleasure looking at things you don’t need so you don’t have to write.  Isn’t this a little harsh? At least take me out to dinner.

Just when I thought the relationship was over, a few of the more persistent – dare I say stalkerish sites – came back with a message.

We miss you. It’s not the same with out you. Here are a few deals to tempt you back.

Restraining order anyone!

I was ruthless.  I even broke up with Booktopia – a bookstore in Australia.  That one was hard.  There is regret over that one.

My email looks less cluttered  and I’m a minimalist at heart. My time is not spent on looking through online stores for things I have no need of but look pretty.  Breaking up was worthwhile, even if my eyes did take a beating from looking for that tiny link.


11 thoughts on “Breaking up is hard to do

  1. The struggle is real! I try to do a couple cleanings a year, but always end up getting overrun (I blame myself). I absolutely hate the tiny hidden unsubscribe links you are talking about.


  2. Great! I use this site called Daily Rollup where I can choose what subscriptions they combine into one single email. It’s a total time-saver since I don’t have to sift and hit delete for every email that I get. Now I just skim the subjects in one email and hit delete more often than not.

    Now I sound like an advertiser. But downsizing and minimizing is such a good feeling. Doesn’t help that I keep subscribing to awesome websites I see all the time! The internet is neverending.

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  3. I’ve been doing the same thing. I hate when you order something on-line and then suddenly the company starts sending you email after email after email after email. Well, you get the idea. Maddening.

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      1. I know that feeling. Unsubscribing is a once-monthly exercise. Either that, or giving up online shopping, as well as signing up to all sorts of writing advice sites. There’s so much temptation and information-overload out there.

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  4. I could really relate to this! I get all kinds of political stuff because I sign petitions, etc. but mailing lists get shared, and before I know it my mailbox fills up with junk, and it’s a little like a marriage–a lot harder to get out of than to get into!

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