Where are you having Christmas?


This seems to be the question of the moment. I’ve been asked a dozen times in the lift  by neighbours trying not to peer into my shopping bags.

For the first time in my life, I am hosting Christmas for the whole family. That means 22 people in my apartment, one new Christmas tree, three hired tables, 14 hired chairs, one tired old dining table with her tired old chairs, four different kinds of meats, vegetables Maggie Beer would be proud to grow, wine, and a husband who is sick of “just pop out and get me some figs will you honey?”

What are figs?  Really, he asked that.

Normally Christmas is held at my mother-in-laws, but now that we are firmly ensconced in the area once again, it’s now mine. Had you asked me yesterday how the preparations for Christmas are going I’d have fallen to the floor with a dramatic faint, but today I am in control. It’s amazing what setting the table will do for you. Oh, and wine. Lots of wine.

I am having a relaxing moment watching Kirstie Allsop teach me how to decorate a tree after shopping for groceries with every other Christmas host on the planet – yes I forgot the figs.

So I ask.  Where are you having Christmas?

2 thoughts on “Where are you having Christmas?

  1. I have never hosted Christmas but I’ve done Thanksgiving and we have a big dinner on New Year’s Day. Four different kinds of meats is ambitios but I find if I am organized I’m ok. I’ve started to simplify by using disposable plastic plates and only glassware that goes in the dishwasher but it is a wonderful and exhausting adventure. And yes, you have to have some wine before everyone gets there. It really helps.


    1. Now that it’s all over I can say it was worth it, Kate, but goodness, what a lot of work it was. Thankfully I was able to hire along with the chairs and table, the plates, knives, folks and glasses.

      Now for the washing up.

      I know you are yet to be visited by Santa, so I hope it all goes well 🙂

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